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Team Leader | CEO | Marine Corps Veteran
“There are a lot of things in life that matter. But nothing matters as much as who or what you decide to serve.” This quote by retired U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell embodies the values that Jake Smoke has learned and built since early childhood. He leverages the tenacity and grit that he developed throughout his life to serve the people that he believes are largely responsible for our freedom.
From the start, Jake has been a fighter. Having experienced rough patches throughout his childhood, he grew up wanting better. From having medical issues to living in a van to ending up in the foster care system, he’s learned to be self-sufficient and independent. He started working at just 12 years old to provide for himself, which instilled in him a determination that would eventually lead him to join the Marine Corp at the age of 18. This move allowed him to travel and see more of the world and taught him to appreciate cultural differences and gain insight into other ways of life. It also taught him the importance of operating as a team to accomplish goals.
After five years of active duty, Jake continues to support the military’s mission through various government and military-focused careers to this day. He decided to take his commitment to military families one step further in 2017. He got his real estate license on September 11th, further evidence that he was headed down the right path. He realized he could take all of his experience and knowledge and help other military families to own a piece of the country they had fought so hard to defend. Personally, this would give him a more flexible schedule so he could spend more time with his wife and three children.
Today, Jake is a sincere advocate who helps military homeowners against the odds and through the obstacles of home ownership. His clients have coined him a “Badass Miracle Worker” due to the major challenges he has helped them fight and overcome in their quest for a dream home. He’s a military Veteran and Relocation Specialist with extensive area knowledge and a large military network to help with any needs his clients may have. He’s also an outstanding negotiator who ‘smokes out the challenges’ and wins bidding wars to close deals faster. He guides his clients with clear expectations and a get-it-done attitude. He’s proud of Team Smoke Sold, his group of expert military-focused agents known for ‘coming in hot’ and inspiring their team mantra, “Where there’s SMOKE there’s SOLD”.
When Jake is not serving military families, he’s spending as much time as he can with his own family. You can also find him at the shooting range, riding his mountain bike, or camping. Of course, he attends lots of sporting and school events and has coached his kid’s teams. He truly understands that “nothing matters as much as who or what you decide to serve”, and he’s grateful for the challenges he has overcome, and the ability to pay it forward to the most deserving among us. 

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